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The Willis Law Firm, P.A. has many years of experience representing clients in real estate matters of all kinds, including sales, purchase, property disputes, planning and zoning, among others.

Since 1975, our real estate attorneys have provided trusted, professional legal representation to buyers, sellers, developers and landowners in Maryland. Based in Ellicott City, we provide knowledgeable counsel for clients in Howard, Anne Arundel, Baltimore and surrounding counties. Call us at 410-461-9400 or describe your issue on our online form.


Whether buyer or seller, you are required by Maryland law to sign a contract for any real estate transaction. In most cases the real estate agent will supply a form to the purchaser, who fills in the blanks. Those contracts tend to be long and complicated, and chiefly are written for agents by agents with the purpose of covering the agent’s skin. Whether you are signing such a contract as purchaser or seller, you need to understand what the contract requires on your part. We can review the contract, explain it to you, and make sure you know your obligations, when you must perform them, and what happens if you don’t.

If you are selling a house on your own, we can draft a contract that meets county and state law while protecting you from legal consequences. Even if you are using a real estate agent, we can draft a contract that reflects your interests and not those of the agent. If you are purchasing a home, including a For Sale by Owner (FSBO) house, we will review the contract to ensure the terms are fair, clear and in your best interests.

Property Disputes

Willis Law Firm, P.A. has litigated or helped to resolve many different types of property disputes, including boundary disputes, nuisance disputes, and easement or right of way issues.

We have the experience and knowledge of state and municipal laws to resolve virtually any real estate issue, including litigation when necessary. We represent clients in civil disputes with neighbors, landlords, utility companies, and local government entities.


We offer vast experience in resolution of all zoning matters:

  • Special exceptions and variances
  • Representation for an alleged zoning violation
  • Zoning and rezoning applications


Willis Law Firm, P.A. has substantial experience drafting and reviewing commercial and residential leases, and in litigating issues arising from them. A lease is one of the most important documents you will ever sign. Unfortunately, most people don’t read them before signing. We protect the rights of tenants and lease holders, including eviction actions. We draft leases in clear terms that avoid future conflicts by spelling out the rights and obligations of parties to the lease agreement.

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